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Cleithrophobia: The fear of being trapped.

After our cat-shaped hero survived an elevator-related incident and went through hospital care,  he was ready to leave and go home. However, the incident has left him traumatized, and he became quite afraid of elevators. Unfortunately, the stairs are out of commission, leaving him with only one way down.

And it's a long way down...

Cathrophobia is a Roguelike Arcade-Styled 2D Arena Shooter. 

Confined in an elevator that never seems to reach the ground floor, you play as a cat with Cleithrophobia, fighting your way through your fears manifested as sentient and dangerous hospital equipment. Shoot, Dodge, Upgrade your weapons, and Survive long enough to reach the first floor.

Inspirations for this game: 

  • Devil (2010) 
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Enter the Gungeon 
  • Nuclear Throne
  • Elevator Music
  • Hospitals and Medical Equipment


Development Team:

Lead Programmer, Level Designer - Shimin "Sam" Sun

Lead Artist - Al Wang

Lighting Designer, Programmer - Chris Cardimen

Sound Designer - Adam Grisdale

UI/UX Designer, Artist, Programmer - Remy Streichenberger


Cathrophobia - Windows.zip 54 MB
Cathrophobia - MacOS.zip 63 MB

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